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Autowatch is a video recording system for monitoring of issues in Automated Production processes. The system consists of four cameras on flexible mounting brackets which are setup to monitor the key areas of concern.


The unit is housed in mobile lockable cabinet unit which is ergonomically laid out and robust. Alternatively the unit can supplied built on a Stainless Steel trolley – this layout is more suitable for applications where space is restricted and the system has to be moved longer distances.


Recording times of over 30 hours are possible from all four cameras. Key issues during the monitoring period are flagged for ease of review later by the engineer/technician.


Flagging is done either automatically by a link to the production equipment control panel or manually by the production operators pressing a button on the side of the Autowatch cabinet unit.


Key issues can be selected and video files recorded on the built in DVD burner for review offline.


Typical Uses

  • Finding root causes of intermittent issues on Automated Production Equipment Monitoring Validation runs of new equipment and recording key issues to DVD for later review e.g. with Equipment Vendor.

  • Slowing down playback on high speed equipment/processes to assist in the Identification of solutions to problems.

  • Monitoring the operation of equipment in inaccessible areas e.g. conveyor systems at elevated height or mechanisms obscured by Safety Guards.

  • Simple system of data logging e.g monitoring equipment data screens, gauges or sensor indication lights


Download Autowatch System Presentation (pdf)

Download Brochure for Compact Case Version of Autowatch (pdf) 

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