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Inspection Cameras

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

These compact devices are simple to use, totally portable and provide high resolution magnification at a very competitive price. Used handheld or with one of the optional stands a Dino-Lite USB digital microscope provides a cost effective and highly flexible solution to detailed inspection work.


The DinoCapture software included with all Dino-Lite USB microscopes acts as a viewer and enables still images, real-time video and time-lapsed video streams to be captured quickly and easily. Other functionality includes the ability to annotate captured images with text and graphics. Comprehensive measurement functionality is also available with certain models.


Not only can these microscopes be used with the powerful DinoCapture software but they can also act as a standard video capture device for applications such as MSN Messenger and Skype allowing online collaboration and group discussion.

While most versions are designed for USB connection to a PC, versions are also available which can connect with our Autowatch Systems or directly to a LCD Monitor without the need for a computer, via VGA (D-SUB) connection.


All these features make the Dino-Lite digital microscope range an ideal solution for numerous applications including:

  • Industrial Inspection (Electronics industry, materials failure analysis...)

  • Process Control/Monitoring

  • Quality control (Print, textiles, goods inward departments...)

  • Biology (Botany, Entomology...)

  • Technical documentation and illustration

  • Education and learning

  • Onsite demonstration/trials can be arranged if required.


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