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High-Speed Camera & Video Monitoring

In addition to providing vision related products to the Manufacturing sector, Envisage also provides services to companies utilising high-speed cameras and Video Monitoring Systems.


These services include rental of Envisage in-house equipment for short to medium term requirements.


  • When required, the equipment is delivered to the client’s site.

  • Assistance is provided with initial setup on the client's application and training given to in-house engineering personnel.

  • The client's own engineers analyse occurrences and identify root causes.

  • When the client has completed their requirements the equipment is removed from site.


Envisage also provides a complete Process/Production Line monitoring service. This service involves an experienced Engineer attending the client’s facility with the necessary video monitoring and/or high speed camera equipment. The client explains the specific aspects of their automated Production processes, that they wish to investigate


The Envisage engineer will then set up the monitoring equipment and analyse finding as they occur.


After consulting the client again, a findings report is prepared, supported by cross-referenced video evidence on DVD.


Typical items contained in this report include:

  • Occurrences affecting productivity/OEE

  • Root causes of these occurrences

  • Quantification of the significance of these occurrences (e.g production time lost, product damaged etc.)

  • Potential solutions


This service has a number of significant benefits to the client company:

  • Eliminates requirement for capital investment in monitoring equipment

  • Brings in an experienced set of “outside eyes” to analyse issues that may have become accepted internally as normal.

  • The Envisage engineer is dedicated to the area of concern fully for their time onsite and not constantly being “pulled away” to deal with urgent day-to-day issues. This means the investigation can be more thorough, comprehensive, and completed quicker.

  • The client can easily analyse the findings and potential improvements identified against the cost of the service from Envisage. This analysis will obviously dictate if the service should be utilised again in the future!

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