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Fuji Prescale Film

How Prescale Film works


​Cut Prescale film to

desired dimensions

Insert film and apply pressure

Remove Prescale and check density

Simply place Prescale film between any two surfaces which come into contact. Varying colors of red patches will instantly appear revealing the pressure distribution between the surfaces. The intensity of the red colors of the Prescale film is related to the amount of pressure applied to it; the more intense the color, the greater the pressure. There are seven different film types available ranging from 0.05 to 300 MPa (7.25 to 43,500 psi). For enhanced data analysis of Prescale film, a digital analysis software system is also available.


Key Features & Benefits of Prescale Film

  • One-time use

  • Affordable and easy to use

  • Static pressure measurement

  • Peak pressure snapshot

  • Simple Graphical representation of pressure variation/profile


Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Packaging Machine - Sealing Jaw pressure profiles

  • Door Seal contact pressure on Autoclaves, Ovens and Vacuum Chambers

  • Gasket Design

  • Blister Pack machine head alignment

  • Studies of forces/impacts applied on products during shipping

  • Ergonomics - Grip pressure measurement.


For further information on Prescale Film including the different pressure range films available go to

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