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Acoustic Camera - SoundCam

Acoustic Camera – SoundCam

SoundCam is the first camera that images sound and is affordable. The system is intuitive and as easy to use as a smartphone. SoundCam locates sound sources in real time and immediately displays the results on the screen. The technology allows simple identification and isolation of sounds of different frequencies.

Human beings best process information in a visual way. SoundCam visualises complex acoustic information and creates a connection between hearing and seeing. Analysing and understanding sound has never been easier!

SoundCam is manufactured in Germany and consists of 64 microphones, an optical camera, an integrated data acquisition and analysis system, as well as a display and control unit with touchscreen and hardware buttons. The system displays high-resolution results in real time on the screen. What makes it so special is its high speed and accuracy.


Industrial Applications include

  • Compressed air and Vacuum system leaks

  • Workplace Noise reduction projects

  • Environment Noise source identification

  • Soundproofing applications

  • Equipment Failure identification/Condition Monitoring



General System Introduction

Air Leak Detection

Pump Cavitation Identification

Sound Damping Materials

Façade Leak Inspection

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